Easter’s Nearly Here

The supermarkets are full of giant Easter decorations. There are aisles upon aisles of chocolates. I just can’t imagine that it’s all going to sell for Easter, there’s far too much – chocolate’s absolutely everywhere…

The boulangeries, chocolateries, cafes and patisseries have been creating all kinds of chocolatey Easter creations for a couple of weeks now and they’ve spent time delicately crafting displays and visually merchandising stock, that I envision, will hang around for a while after. It seems every shop is offering something for the festivities. I feel like I’m living in a chocolate village.

Thanks to conversion rates (Frank/Euro/Sterling) the Easter chocolate is surprisingly expensive. G bought me a chocolate Easter egg from a local patisserie that cost 30€! We’ve decided to share it.

We’ve spotted a cuddly, three foot Lindt bunny in two supermarkets too. When asked how much it costs, the shop assistants were keen to point out that it’s not for sale (not that we wanted to buy it- it’d look ridiculous in our little apartment). Surprised by the sheer grandeur of the Easter decorations, I can’t help but feel that it’s encroaching upon the efforts of Christmas – and for commercial-Christians or pseudo-God-worshipers, perhaps it should. Why not make it into a Hallmark holiday? Presents and chocolates, feasts and decorations,  it’s a new emptied out ‘Western’ calendar hotspots.

Philosophical, religious, cultural themes aside. The Easter displays that I have seen have been impressive. Here’s a small collection that I’ve spotted so far. I will be admiring some more today and trying to get in the ‘Easter spirit':