My friends here are made up of G’s friends (boys) and their mothers. Writing isn’t really conducive to meeting people, unless I’m exploring for an article but then human interaction is short-lived. I have signed up with the pole-emplois at the local town-hall for job opportunities and have had personal recommendations from a local language teacher and council representative – which is great but things here are slow. It’s been more than ten days and I haven’t heard a thing! Atleast I have lots to write about.

I received an email about a writing competition last week. The brief is to come up with a short film idea – a ten minute online film. I have been scribbling down so many ideas but the budge is quite small, so I’m having to abandon some far-fetched surreal and philosophical ideas for comic moments between people. It’s a lot of fun, exhilarating even, but I don’t have long to select one idea, create a script, write a treatment and outline how I’d divide up the budget. I’m also working on my story, hoping to have it finished to present to family members on holiday in August.

Writing to deadlines, finding work and being too hot to open the windows means that I appreciate my aperitifs with the women and boys all that much more (I call them ‘boys’ but their average age is 30). Yesterday I was given a lovely pallet of cherries from one of the ladies’ gardens. It’s so thoughtful. I’ve been offered roses too and so we’re buying a vase on Thursday from a specialist glass shop.

I am heading to Cannes soon too for some coastal sunshine and to see some friends. One is getting married in two weeks and lives here permanently and the other is working a summer season on a yacht before med school. I’m very excited to see them and in such a wonderful place. Maybe some hangers-on from the film festival will be there still enjoying the Cote d’Azur and I shall bump into a script writer or director at a beachfront bar and he’ll want to make my book into a movie – that would be nice… Maybe I will just drink cocktails on the beach with old friends though and be just as happy.

Whilst I sit here munching on these lovely French cherries, I miss having girly friends around me and the acerbic wit of many of my male counterparts in the UK but I’m happy to have the people around me that I’ve met so far. Especially when they bring me such wonderful gifts.

I was thinking about what recipes I could do with the cherries – but they are so wonderful as nature created them. This week I will be mostly writing and nibbling on fresh fruit. I’ve also been commissioned for cake-baking, for events on the weekend. I will let you know how it goes – maybe I shall make some more friends?

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